come what may

mirror, mirror

So much beauty around today

from in the sky and on the way

creative minds, for every eye

easy when you think it though

and know how much the artists do

Identity is worth a pause, maybe just a bigger vase

to hold the dreams

the way to feel

unlock the door and venture through

after all that’s what we do.


I promise to you

a begining

to imagine who we are

and all we will be, together

and throught out, our time shared

Our unity of sensitivity


Love in aggregation

is emergent and

with dial adorned;

for moment and a stream

each flit is another suspire


Going to make it, make it, make it up

Always time for another, loving wind review

won’t need a billion minds to make it

or oil tanned leather, on a bankers shoe

You know how it is, waiting to be

leaning toward somebody, here to keep you blue

Rolling up together, world without

Getting in all dirty and pushing it around

Going up to nowhere, someone looking down

Animals inside us, breathing, and taking all that’s fair

The music here reside us

Or maybe this is easy, something like a stare.


Another day, packed

flash, lights there

wild ones - take care

and the crowded clouds held, a side of things.


The frame is starting up,

has a pulse, thinking, on the way up, tinted;

cymbals said.

White Bored

Think about a tea for two,

or up one more, a lovers M a T

gives us more sociality

kind of like the poetic math

and once the path leads you in

where on earth can we begin

Little Kiddy

Purr all up and down you

rub up against me, nice wet nose

show me your soft side

wait on you all night

wake up with me

keep the door open

know what you see

like it up top

that’s where you be

guess for now, just you and me



Compelled to feel

another once, all we see

resistence lost, let thoughts define.

Still not enough, and honest too

the chance it will refine.

There is in air, we know

each deeper breath

refresh the wander mind.

Another moment true, perhaps

and doubt dispelled

once said, it’s meant to be